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Map of Clandestine Detention Centres
Transitory detention and clandestine detention centers
Campo de Mayo:
The day of reckoning
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The dictatorship on the big screen
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We Produce Documents and Resources

In 2003 the Oral Archive produced three thematic collections resulting in a composite of interviews, a corpus of documents, and a historic review of each one. The collections are available for public consult.
“Lawyers: Rights and Politics”
This collection intends to reconstruct the historical links between legal tradition, professional practice, and political militancy from different generations of lawyers in our recent history.
“Struggle and Repression in the labor sector: The case of the Astarsa shipyard workers (1973-1978)”
This collection brings together testimonies about the professional, local, and political experience of the community of shipyard workers of the Northern Zone of the Province of Buenos Aires.
“Mansión Seré: Concentration policy during the last military dictatorship”
This collection tries to reconstruct the history of a Clandestine Detention Center and the practices involved in the system of illegal repression that was carried out there through the voices of the survivors, family members, neighbors, human rights defenders, and the anthropologists responsible for the recuperation of the Center.

images for memory
The images that make up the exhibition are for memory. Grouped together, they are intended to trigger those impressions that Argentines share from the recent past. The purpose of the exhibition is to invite reflection and a collective elaboration of our past, and to support the search for answers. The exhibition narrative and its meaning are complemented by the presence and questions of the visitors.
Photographic Exhibit “Little Traces”
On October 21st of 2003 a projection of photographic essays was carried out as part of the event “20 Years of Democracy”, organized by the government of the City of Buenos Aires. The projection included different works of graphic journalists and amateurs, and a selection made by Memoria Abierta of the photographs of clandestine detention centers taken by the CONADEP in 1984. The event, which was sponsored by the Association of Graphic Reporters (ARGRA), and the Center for Legal and Social Studies (CELS) among others, took place in the Plaza Defensa Cultural Center in the City of Buenos Aires. The exhibit was later projected in other parts of the country.
Graphic Exhibit “XX Years of Nunca Más”
September 20th of 2004 marked 20 years since the presentation of the report of the National Commission on the Disappearance of Persons (CONADEP) to the then president of the Republic, Dr. Raúl Alfonsín. To commemorate the date, Memoria Abierta produced the graphic exhibit “XX Years of Nunca Más”.
Human Rights Archives Census

As part of our ambition to democratise access to documentary sources, we promote initiatives such as the Human Rights Archives Census whose objective is to divulge information regarding the existing archives that contain information about violations perpetrated by terrorist States in Latin America.
Interactive CD: Clandestine Detention Center El Vesubio

The elaboration of the interactive CD about the Clandestine Detention Center is now in its final phase. The CD consists of a multimedia combination of sources and testimonies that allow for an approximation to the characteristics and operation of El Vesubio. This material was accepted as proof in the First Organization of the Army Trial, in the federal court N3 of Dr. Daniel Rafecas.

Memoria Abierta produces testimonies that relate to the history and memory of State terrorism in Argentina and the different actions brought about by human rights organizations and civil society in the search for truth and justice.
Map of Clandestine Detention Centres

The online version of the interactive CD "Map of Clandestine Detention Centers" is now available. This project was carried out by the Topography of Memory Program and contains information about 200 centers that operated in the Republic of Argentina during the last military dictatorship.
Production of Educational Materials

The Memoria Abierta archive permits the design and generation of multimedia materials that work towards education and mass diffusion. Among these resources at the virtual exhibition Other Voices of History and the De Memoria Collection.
Record of Events

Memoria Abierta films different events relating to the memory of State terrorism. These records document the different initiatives undertaken by civil society and the State, constituting a rich source for research.
Sites of memory
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