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Human rights organizations:
emblematic documents

It is impossible to contemplate the history of the last 35 years in Argentina without bearing in mind the crucial role of the human rights movement in the political and social configuration of contemporary Argentina. The years of dictatorship, the complex process of democratic transition and the sinuous roads followed by the law, have been traversed by the action of these organizations.

The collection "Human rights organizations: emblematic documents" covers certain moments in the history of the human rights organizations which compose Memoria Abierta, with representative documents referring to events, activities and debates.

It consists of over 50 documents which, together with information relating to the context in which they were produced, provide a trajectory of these organizations, the strategies adopted in each stage, their standpoints when faced with different situations and the joint activities developed. This collection, moreover, aspires to categorize the value of the files insofar as learning the history of our country is concerned.

In the course of studying the documents, the reader will also discover other aspects of the historical process, such as the relation of human rights movements with other movements and social players, the role of their principals or their political associations.

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