We Preserve and Organize Sources
Cataloguing and Preservation of Documents

The Documentary Heritage program is in charge of organizing, classifying and cataloguing the existing documents in the institutional archives of the human rights organizations that comprise the program, as well as our own archives that have been received as donations or produced in our office. At the same time, the program collaborates in recuperating private archives and making them accessible for public consultation.

After an initial diagnostic of the situation of the organisms’ archives, the work of organizing and cataloguing documents was begun with the intention of facilitating access to the sources through their inclusion in a collective database.

As the quantity of documents increases, we will also work towards the digitalization of documents whose publication will serve to show different aspects of the social process that took place in our country during the dictatorship.

At the same time, we initiate preventative conservation methods, reprographics of the documents and relocation, in case it become necessary, in preservation containers.