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Book "Memories in the city. Signs of State terrorism in Buenos Aires"
Memorias en la ciudad

The objective of this publication is to give the reader a series of ways in which to view the city of Buenos Aires in a reflective manner. It puts forward an alternative way of looking at the city by revealing the suppressed history of each area where the last military dictatorship focused its terror so that they become places of remembrance.

The topography of cities is made up by layer upon layer of memories of the past. Although not always apparent in the hustle and bustle of city life, buildings, street corners, sidewalk tiles, and the nameplates of city squares and streets carry out their normal function while also revealing absences and sending messages from the past.

The ways in which those who are missing are remembered have multiplied in recent years. Their names are inscribed on the posts and structures of varied street signs and on the nameplates of institutions, classrooms, auditoriums and sports stadiums. The missing are also remembered by commemorative plaques and popular initiatives that have changed the names of squares and streets and have also featured special sidewalk tiles.

This book is composed of 9 sections which cover 240 traces of State terrorism in the 48 neighborhoods of the city. It includes information about 202 places that pay homage to those who are missing as well as 38 illegal detention centers. The information is from testimonies, photographs and maps.

Memories in the city has been produced by Memoria Abierta with the support of the Netherlands Embassy in Argentina.

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